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    GAAYAN Enterprise has developed a highly innovative product for the education sector. This product is computer siren and public address system. Our computer siren and public address system is the best new siren and public address system for institutions.

    The remarkable system delivers the following customer benefit:

    1. The system is programmed for each day from Monday – Sunday. The system plays by first mentioning the time, followed by a tune and the reason for playing the tune. Example: “Its ten o’clock – a tune is played –“this ends the fourth period, the fifth period begins”. This is to help tutors know the time spent in the classroom in order not to waste too much time on a particular activity.

    2. The school rules and regulations can be programmed to play at a scheduled time. E.g. every Tuesday during first break.

    3. The software can also be programmed for holidays. The computer automatically switches to the holiday programmes on holidays.

    4. A voice message can be scheduled to play as a reminder. For example, if there will be a P.T.A. meeting or anniversary or ceremony on 18th March, a reminder can be scheduled to play on 15th, 16th or 17th to remind the school. A microphone can be used to record the voice message.

    1.    5.  Never be stuck with ordinary school bell sounds again. Choose your preferred sounds and play any standard audio file (WAV or MP3) to the bell system. Play popular sounds such as chimes and tones, traditional school bell sounds, or play custom sounds or music such as the national anthem, school anthem, etc

    2.     6.Low cost and easy-to-program compared to mechanical and electronic school bell
    timers and organizers. It requires only basic Windows knowledge.

    3.     7.Save hundreds of Ghanaian cedi. Unlike mechanical and electronic sirens which have the history of constant breakdowns as a result of power fluctuations,
    malfunctioning and breakdown of organizers the software system solves this
    problem which can lead to the use of project money on repairs alone.

    4.    8.  General announcements can be made right from the system and everyone within the institution will hear. This makes it easy to carry important information across

    To purchase Gaayan Computer School Siren System
    for your institution, you can arrange a package now by contacting any of our
    office lines. Our computer siren system is unique and will offer significant
    advantage over all available similar and competing products.

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